Feeling Blue? Maybe it’s your diet!

foods that boost your moodSo much of the food we eat today contributes to our overall health!  That includes our mental health and not only how we feel about our life but how much energy we have…or don’t have!  Check out this article from Eat This, Not That and start eating the foods they recommend!  Your mood and your body will thank you!

 11 Instant Mood Boosting Foods

Another way to increase your mood and have way more energy is to give your body quality nutrients on a regular basis!  Even if you eat well, there’s no guarantee you are getting everything you need. 

To learn about the best way to ensure your body is getting the nutrition it needs, contact me here for info on the supplements I give my own family.

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One Response to “Feeling Blue? Maybe it’s your diet!”

  1. Rona Says:

    I love all of those foods mentioned on that link you’ve shared but I definitely love CHOCOLATE most. I think chocolate really does a lot, and I love the taste.

    Rona from batterie moto 

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