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Is Sugar Toxic?

Last Month, 60 Minutes released new research from some of America’s most respected institutions.  The findings state that the amounts and kinds of sugar being consumed by Americans today is toxic.  Not only is sugar toxic, but it is being blamed for the rising rates of disease in our country from obesity, diabetes and even heart disease.

It’s alarming when you realize how much sugar is actually in the foods we eat.

Sugar is added to many foods you would never suspect.

Our bodies were designed to get sugars from real foods like fruits which, because of the fiber and other nutrients, slow down it’s absorption so our bodies can process it more effectively.

Although it’s not very realistic in today’s world to eat absolutely no added sugar, it is very important to be educated so you can make the best choices to reduce the amount of sugar you eat and teach your kids to do the same.

Sugar and Kids : The Toxic Truth Report

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