One of the most common nutritional deficiencies today among men, women and children is Magnesium Deficiency. Magnesium is an ‘essential’ mineral which means our bodies cannot manufacture it so we need to get it from our food or from supplementation.  Magnesium is needed by every organ, plays a role in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body and is extremely important to cellular function.  Magnesium is considered the “calming” mineral and is required for regulating smooth muscle function as well as for energy production.

According to The Westin A Price Foundation, “Every single cell in the human body demands adequate magnesium to function, or it will perish.” and “Magnesium is so important to so many vital body functions, and its deficiency is integrally involved in so many diseases, that more than one researcher has dubbed magnesium a miracle in its ability to resolve or improve numerous disorders.”

Here are 9 common signs that you may have a Magnesium Deficiency:

  1. Muscle Aches/Pains/Cramps/Spasms/Twitches
  2. Fatigue/Muscle Weakness
  3. Tension Headaches/Migraines
  4. Anxiety/Depression/Stress
  5. Elevated Blood Pressure
  6. Diabetes/Blood Sugar Issues
  7. Osteoporosis/Osteopenia
  8. Insomnia
  9. Constipation

Why are we so deficient in this precious mineral?

Here are 3 of the most common causes:

  1. Stress – Stress requires a tremendous amount of Magnesium so it is important to make a daily practice of stress reducing activities like meditation, prayer, yoga and laughter.
  2. Diuretics – The most commonly consumed diuretics include caffeine, alcohol and blood pressure meds.
  3. SAD – The Standard American Diet is robbing our population of precious Magnesium.  Our plants are minerally depleted and just about everything is laden with sugar.  Since it takes roughly 50 molecules of Magnesium to metabolize just 1 molecule of sugar, if you are eating white bread, white rice, white sugar and/or packaged foods or beverages, you are almost guaranteed to have a Magnesium deficiency.

In addition to stress management and reducing the amount of sugar and processed foods in your diet, you can also do the following:

  1. Increase the amounts of Magnesium rich foods you eat.  These include raw fruits and vegetables (particularly dark leafy greens), avacados, raw nuts and seeds like pumpkin, brazil, cashews and almonds, brown rice, beans, and dark chocolate/cacao.
  2. Take a hot Epson Salt Bath several nights a week.  This will also help you relax and sleep like a baby. 🙂
  3. Indulge yourself in a daily dose of Mineral Oil Spray.  This is a topical form that can be applied and massaged into the skin.
  4. Take a high quality oral supplement.  The form with the highest absorption rate is Oligofructose followed by Chelated.  If constipation is an issue, make sure it also includes Magnesium Citrate.

Perhaps the most exciting and best news of all is that many of the health concerns you are struggling with could be totally turned around by addressing your body’s urgent need for Magnesium – The Miracle Mineral.

To Your Health!

Lisa Maghrak

Lisa Maghrak - Energy Healing Mastery Course Grad

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