Omega-3 fatty acids for Heart, Kidneys and Pregnancy

Omega-3 fatty acids are of paramount importance to our health!  From Heart Disease and Stroke, to Kidney Failure and even Preterm Delivery, it seems every day new research is coming out proving more and more benefits of these essential oils!  This article from PRNewswire-USNewswire goes into more detail on why you may want to include more Omega 3s in your daily routine!  Read it here.


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One Response to “Omega-3 fatty acids for Heart, Kidneys and Pregnancy”

  1. Oriel Says:

    That is really true omega-3 fatty acid really has its benefits. I just remembered when I was still a kid that my grandma used to buy Scotch emulsion back in the days.

    Oriel from blouson aviateur 


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