2015-08-19 22.47.51Are hair dyes safe??

If you are one of the 50+% of the population that dyes your hair, you may have wondered from time to time just how safe it is.

Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of studies linking semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes to an increased risk of cancer and neurological problems.

“Both human and animal studies show that the body rapidly absorbs the carcinogens and other chemicals in permanent and semi-permanent dyes through the skin during the more then 30 minutes that dyes remain on the scalp. So if you use permanent, semi-permanent, shampoo-in or temporary hair colours you are increasing your risk of developing cancer.”  ~ NYR Natural News

How are hair dyes regulated??

“In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the safety of cosmetics, including hair dyes, but there are limits on what the FDA can do. The FDA does not approve each ingredient used in hair dyes before it goes on the market, and in general the responsibility for the safety of products and ingredients falls to the manufacturers.”  ~ American Cancer Society

Our skin is our largest organ and is highly absorbant.  In fact, that’s why patch technology is so effective.  Whatever we put on our skin is absorbed through our skin, completely bypasses the digestive system and goes directly into our bloodstream. For that reason alone, we need to be extremely selective about what personal care products we choose to put on our skin and body!


A 100% non-toxic solution for graying hair!






HAIRPRINT was developed by a green chemist, Dr John Warner, co-founder of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry and known as the “Father of Green Chemistry”.  It consists of 9 food-grade ingredients and is 100% non-toxic and safe!

HAIRPRINT is completely unique in that it does not artificially color the hair shaft.  What Dr Warner discovered is a way to “restore” the colored molecules that naturally occur in pre-gray hair.  So instead of choosing a specific color that you want your hair to be, HAIRPRINT restores your hair to YOUR natural color!

HAIRPRINT is currently available for people with naturally light brown to black hair (not blonde or red).

I recently purchase some here and used it on my hair!  The results were amazing!  Soooo cool!!! 🙂

(To see my results, go to http://Katch.me/LisaMaghrak and look for the “HAIRPRINT” video!)

To Your Health!

Lisa Maghrak

Lisa Maghrak - Energy Healing Mastery Course Grad

P.S.  This TOXIC TIMEBOMB VIDEO reveals 5 of the most common, everyday toxic products that could be making you and your family sick plus where to find safe replacements.

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