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Spinach Smoothies – are you kidding??

My dad and I were on a long overdue trip to Costco yesterday to pick some of our favorite bulk products.  I was specifically going for those little organic chocolate milk cartons for my son’s lunch. He loves them but I refuse to pay the grocery store prices which are .50 more per serving than at Costco.  I was also planning on stocking up on some deliciously fresh, organic berries and frozen fruit for smoothies.

On my way to the produce section, I noticed a growing crowd on the left.  As I got closer, I saw that there was someone advertising for a Blendtec total blender.  There were mounds of fruit on the table and I realized he was making smoothies!  YUM!

There was some whispering going on and I suspected it was because he was not only adding fruit and ice but handfuls of fresh spinach as well!  He continued to talk as he added ingredients, blended and poured the contents into little paper cups.

There was hesitation as the crowd waited to see who was going to try it first.  I was excited to taste it so grabbed a cup and started sipping it down.  It was delicious!!  The texture was good and it was bursting with flavor.  I remember thinking that my kids would love it.

At that moment, my dad walked up.  I grabbed a cup and offered it to him saying, “try this…it’s a spinach smoothie.”  He looked at me with “that look” and gave it a try.  Doubt turned to surprise as he enjoyed the last few sips.

Before I walked away, I snapped a picture of the recipe and I thought I’d share it with you.

So here it is:


Handful of Grapes – preferably with skins and seeds

Apple or Apple Juice (1/4 c)

Fresh Spinach (1 cup)

Orange – peeled

Kiwi -peeled

Pineapple – core and all


Ginger (small amt of shavings to taste)

Agave Nectar (1 T or to taste)


Blend until desired consistency.

My personal standby is a fruit and yogurt smoothie.

I make it for myself and my kids for breakfast.

My Smoothie:

1 Cup Plain Goatmilk Yogurt

1 T Raw Honey

1 Cup Frozen Organic Berries (no sugar added)

My Kids’ Smoothie:

1 Cup Organic French Vanilla Yogurt

1 Cup Frozen Berries (no sugar added)

Note:  These do take a pretty powerful blender so I recommend investing in a good one.  I personally have the VitaMix and have used it regularly for the last few years.  The Blendtec they were advertising at Costco looked really good too.

You can’t beat the powerful punch of the antioxidants and fiber you get when making your own fresh smoothies.

There are tons of great recipes out there and you can even make up your own!


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Lisa Maghrak

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