The Real Reason People Get Fat

So many people struggle with their weight.

They eat well – according to what they think is healthy anyway, they exercise and maybe even lose a few pounds.

But most people are on a constant roller coaster, and often times end up weighing more, depite their efforts.

Much of the research I’ve done points to the fact that the conventional recommendations on losing weight, ie: cut down on fat and calories and exercise more, aren’t necessarily the answer.

More and more statistics are pointing to excess insulin from “Insulin Resistance” as the primary reason people are not able to lose weight.

In addition to making people fat, insulin resistance has also been linked to: Coronary artery disease, Hypertension, Adult onset diabetes, Obesity, Stroke and Alzheimer’s.

The cause of Insulin Resistance is too many carbohydrates – specifically from refined flours and sugars that are in so many of the foods available today and often marketed as “low-fat diet foods”.

To lose and keep off weight and prevent many of the diseases caused by too much insulin, it’s important to eliminate as many simple carbs as possible, eat more protein, healthy fats and non-starchy vegetables and limit the total healthier complex carbs from whole grains and fruits in any given meal.

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To Your Health!

Lisa Maghrak

Lisa Maghrak - Energy Healing Mastery Course Grad

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Lisa Maghrak is an avid researcher in the area of Health and Wellness. She is especially interested in prevention and educating people on how their everyday choices matter and can make a huge difference in their quality of life. Lisa is also very passionate about educating parents so they can in turn teach their children ~ giving them the advantage of an early start towards a healthy lifestyle.

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