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Your Attitude is a Choice

No matter how you look at it, your attitude is a choice and is an important key in determining whether you succeed or fail in just about every endeavor you attempt in life.

You’ve probably heard that “it’s not what happens but how you choose to respond to what happens” that matters.  Although it’s not always what we want to hear, our attitude is a choice and we really do choose our happiness (or unhappiness).

We’ve all met people who seem to have it all but are miserable people to be around…complaining to anyone who will listen.  On the other hand, we also know people that really have it bad and we may wonder how they keep going, yet they have a pleasant and positive outlook.

Why is that and how can people be so different?

It’s a matter of choice.

Every day, we have thousands of choices to make.  Many we make unconsciously…without even thinking.  That is called reaction mode.  We react a certain way because it has become a habit or is “who we are”.  Some choices we make consciously…either in a split second or maybe taking our time to make a decision.

Either way, we are making a choice.

As our thoughts come to us, we make the decision to entertain them and give them power by focusing on them or to dismiss them or “cancel” them.  The thoughts we choose to focus on become stronger and the thoughts we choose to cancel (and ideally replace with a desired alternative thought) become weaker.

The thoughts we focus on become our words, our words become our actions and our actions create our life experiences.

The place we are today is the result of our past thoughts, words and actions.  If we want to change our situation, we need to start by changing what thoughts we give our energy to.

It’s not easy at first, but just like exercising a muscle or trying a new skill…the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Have you ever made a decision to change your attitude?  Leave a comment below and share what happened.

To choosing happiness,





Lisa Maghrak

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